The Coming Data Tsunami

By 2020, satellite sensors will capture so many images of Earth that every one of the 8 million people who lives in New York City would have to be glued to a computer screen 24 hours a day in order for human eyes to view every image, according to Jeff Stein, Orbital Insight’s vice president for business development.

Cubesat swarms about to set space abuzz

NASA’s first would-be cubesat swarm ended up in the drink. Eight cubesats equipped with space radiation sensors and software to help them cooperate were destined for low Earth orbit last November when an experimental rail-launched Super Strypi rocket broke apart shortly after launch and dumped them into the Pacific Ocean.

Cause and Effects

But to keep a steady flow of revenue, the small Reno, Nevada, company looked beyond traditional military and space customers to find work stimulating oil wells, supplying bullets and bombs for combat simulation...